Co-Founder & Director of, a dynamic International Innovation Lab turning innovative concepts & services to empower people, organisations and governments to co-create tomorrow’s world. InnoGage is also a Digital Consultancy offering services in digital communication & stakeholders' engagement, political technologies & smart cities to reinvent politics, communication and governance in cyberspace. Co-founder of, an independent, non-profit organisation that catalyses thought-leadership to governments that aspire to an ecosystem of sustainable, yet innovative and open services. Co-President of, a Belgian based not-for-profit association of policy experts providing expertise to governments. Daniel is also PoliTech Founder at Fondation EurActiv-PoliTech [], were he was also Director Social Media. Prior, Daniel was President & Executive Director of POLITECH INSTITUTE, which was successfully integrated to Fondation EurActiv in 2010. Daniel benefits from unique insight both at an academic as well as a practical level of today's Internet-based technological innovation in an increasingly global and interrelated world. He holds a Master Degree in International Relations from the 'Centre d’Etudes des Relations Internationales et Stratégiques'​ (CERIS-ULB) at ULB (Belgium) and an MBA in 'Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation' from Swinburne University of Technology (Australia). He is also a certified Webmaster from John Bryce Training Center in Tel Aviv (Israel). In the framework of his activities, he manages the team work, the organisation finances and external contacts with partners and stakeholders and he contributes to European RTD projects, develops innovative concepts, organises seminars and lectures at events and workshops within high profile international conferences. He is also a member of various Steering and Scientific Committees and has published various articles in different academic reviews.