Ten years serving the Guatemalan Parliament. In the last year, he was delegated as coach of Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights to the Technical Committee of the Alliance for Open Government of Guatemala and responsible for meeting one of the commitments of the Third National Action Plan for Open Government. At the same time it supports the principal representative of Parliament, lawyer Marco Tulio Coronado, in parliamentary openness and compliance with the other commitments of the Plan. Permanently he serves as an analyst for the deputy Edwin Lux district of Retalhuleu, the parliamentary bloc of the National Unity of Hope and Chairman of the Specific Commission for Peace and Demining on issues of oversight, transparency and quality of public spending.

His parliamentary technical career began in 2016 at the Library of Parliament as a research assistant and co-managing the website of the Parliament on legislative issues and the first website of the Committee on Public Finance and Currency for transparency which make this committee and to transmit live through the website their meetings.

From 2011, after an internal selection process, opposition and training with the support of the OAS, obtained accreditation Analyst Institutional and becomes part of the first Technical Analysis Unit Coyuntura the service of the Presidency and Board Parliament directive for the development of political and lines of action scenarios. Then becomes part of the advisory teams of various parliamentary blocs complementing their knowledge in control, transparency and quality of public spending.