Dear Honorable secretariat of ogp,civilike socity, all participant deliget I have the honor secretarey genarel offiec Bangladesh un Youth envoy infrom you that, I'm part of untied nations of secretariat un,EU, unctad,escap,before the long time several working around the world In our developing country, I'm always try to for youth generation global connective in social networking, SDG, after the new scientist for up coming days seftey the world destination for working to preparations upgert for future working the pleaning mentality power of knowledge saftey the destinations in around the word.

The Development technology the most Priority and established gender equality In education sectors in developing countries. Education can make a nation from developing to developed countries. our honorable government has taken for Youth generation the same initiatives inspired by our work in rural areas in bangladesh.starting ICT field in primary level education sector. Skills development reduces poverty and better equips young people to find decent jobs. It triggers a process of empowerment and self-esteem that benefits everyone. And it strengthens youth capacity to help address the many challenges facing society, moving us closer to ending poverty hunger, injustice and environmental degradation. A lot of countries like to working afghanistan, syria, sudan, Senegal, iraq which countries are affected in civil War, there are impossible to continue formal action.

We have discovered a new communication system where these countries children can Study in peaceful environment. we are youths after the next leaders for we have to act todasy for our better tomorrow. But in developing countries we don't have that much opportunity to express our ideas and themes.organizations like to group has made a perfect platform to flourish outh brilliancy in real world. If we have chances to raise our voice in International platform a lot of changes to could make futer paling in every sector of all above the Education seftey the world agenda 2030 for Development global world.