Arfi Bambani Amri is the Secretary General of the Alliance of Independence Journalists (AJI). He is one of the AJI’s journalist competency test developer. He is also one of the “20 Year of AJI” book writers published in 2014.

He works for as the managing editor supervise the multimedia and community engagement. He has led the Viva’s team covering Indonesia’s 2009 and 2014 election. He was also in charge in developing election application in which is recognized as one of the best election application during the 2014 election. On December 2016, Arfi will join, a start up facilitates sharing ideas and knowledge as the Chief Content Officer.

He has taken some courses on journalism in Radio Netherlands Training Centre in Hilversum, Netherlands; Poynter Institute in Florida, United States of America; and Asia Journalism Forum in Singapore. He has been invited to USA to be one of the US’s 2012 election observer.