Liliana Magaña was born in Guanajuato, Mexico, studied law at the Universidad Panamericana and graduated cum laude with a thesis entitled "Anti-Corruption system: global perspective at policies and mechanisms to combat corruption", 2016.

During college at different occasions she was for exchange what allowed a global vision of social problems. She always liked the activism, so that student groups were always part of her university stage. Emphasizing as a representative of the law faculty and outstanding student at the University. In this same period she served as a representative of civil associations in various forums such as: the "the world we want", Assembly of the UN, UNDP, Committee on the Status of Women, among others.

As part of their professional development she has worked in electoral bodies, intellectual property firm, advising the area of regulatory compliance of various companies, legal consultant and research on issues of transparency and fighting corruption. Collaborated on research topics with the university and municipal governments.

She is part like speaker in student groups that talks to promote transparency in the classrooms. In the same way is partner in Chamber of Commerce and COPARMEX, two important business chambers in Mexico, her collaborations in these industrial groups highlighted projects which was achieved push the new National Anticorruption System. Which it is the result of a large organization of society and collaboration with the government.

At the same time, their job performance, has highlighted with a permanent participation in different civil associations fostering entrepreneurship in young and activism deal with society. Together with the associations they have undertaken several projects to promote citizen participation.

In collaboration with the business incubator SPARK UP and government support, Liliana designed a sustainable project that employs rural women by improving their living standards and promoting their empowerment. This project is named after Kreea MX and is currently developing the export of their products.

Currently the association of which she is part, serves as promoter and general counsel for the application of principles of good governance in municipal governments.

The company which is part is recognized for being a friendly place to work and participation of workers in social responsibility activities. Its performance has brought him several awards and cerfications of highlighting the research prize awarded by the National Chamber of Commerce in 2016, nomination award from the Congress channel for their input on issues of Open Parliament, Scholarship graduate by the National Chamber of Commerce 2016, Award for Investigative Journalism from the Universidad Panamericana in 2013, award oratory state 2010 among others.

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