Jamie Drummond is a factivist who cofounded ONE, a global pressure group with nearly 7 million members around the world, which fights against the injustice of extreme poverty. Right now ONE is pushing for transparency in the extractives sector, open budgets and smart domestic and foreign money for agriculture and health, as well as responsible private sector investment to boost the economic transformation of developing economies. We think transparency is key because it helps citizens follow the money from resources to results. Back in the day Jamie was the Global Strategist for Drop the Debt (which helped cancel $110b of mainly African debt) and cofounder of DATA.org (which helped doubled smart aid and boost trade deals for Africa). Right now ONE has hot campaigns going on which are in the balance, which you can help to succeed in so many ways. We have a historic opportunity to be the great generation Mandela asked us to be - the great generation that could end the injustice extreme poverty – if we act together, as ONE, with urgency now.