Jorida Tabaku-Info Jorida Tabaku was born in Tirana (1979). Graduated with distinction in Business Administration from the Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana. She has successfully completed her post graduate studies in UK and USA. Jorida received a MA in Management with Distinction from Durham University, UK and holds a Doctorate Degree in Management on Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Governance. Author of many national and international articles in economy, education, enterprise, encouraging and promoting sustainable tourism, public expenditure management. Before her engagement in politics, Jorida was a professor of “Entreprenership and Management of SME” and “CorporateGovernance”. She was Executive Director of SIFE Albania (Students in Free Enterprise) and was actively engaged in the civil society activities. In 2005, immediately after finishing her graduate studies in UK, Jorida was hired as a local consultant in the DFID project on Strengthening Public Expenditure Management in Albania, implemented by REPIM, working closely with the Parliament on the budget analysis, and with Ministry of Finance and line ministries on the budget preparation and implementation process. During university and even earlier, she has been part of the Democratic Party of Albania. In 2009, Jorida was appointed Deputy Minister of European Integration, a position she held until mid-2011. In the Ministry of European Integration Jorida was responsible for the coordination of the EU financial support and following with priority the European integration political agenda. Under her leadership the Ministry established the necessary structures responsible for the decentralization of the EU funds. She was particularly engaged on the EU Questionnaire and preparation of the action plan on the 12 priorities. In 2011, Jorida chaired the list of the Local Member of Parliament of Tirana for the Democratic Party, and in July 2011 she was appointed Deputy Mayor of Tirana. During the two years, she worked for the Municipality of Tirana she was actively involved in drafting the Tirana Urban Plan, with particular regard on development of Tirana’s old neighborhoodstill inhabited by Tirana autochthon families. As a Deputy,Major, Jorida led the process of investment planning in the capital city, the Local Economic Development and Financial Management. She has intensively worked on the new fiscal package and policies promoting entrepreneurship and fostering employment, especially for the youth In the Albanian parliamentary election, 2013 she was elected Member of the Parliament, representing the Democratic Party. She is member of the Parliamentary Committees of Economy & Finance, member of the Commission on Verification of Tax Electronic System Blocking, member of the Committee on Implementing legislation and protecting the interests of theAlbanian State from the Realization of the Agreement between the Republic of Albania and CEZ and also member of the Justice System Reform Committee. She has been a prominent speaker in Parliament advocating cases in economy, justice reform, property rights and even initiator of two amendments, regarding the right of property and also subsidizing a part of VAT for families in need.