E-Ling Chiu

Current: Secretary General, Taiwan Association for Human Rights Executive Board member, Convents Watch, Taiwan Executive Board member, Taiwan Alliance to End Death Penalty Initiator, Tibet-Taiwan Human Rights Alliance

Past: Executive Board member, Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network

Education: Bachelor of Sociology, Tung-Hai University, Taiwan Master of Sociology, National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan

Thesis of Master: No One Less: Governing Risk in AIDS Screening and HIV antibody Testing in Taiwan

Award: The Second Annual Thesis Award of Taiwan Health Reform Foundation

Taiwan Association for Human Rights(TAHR), which is the oldest human rights NGO in Taiwan and focus on various human rights issues including rights to peaceful assembly and parade, rights to housing, refugee and statelessness issues, transparency of government policy making, privacy issues vs. open data.

TAHR has a lawsuit with the Ministry of Education about the black-box procedure of the decision making of revision the guideline of the high school text books on history. TAHR has another lawsuit to the National Health Insurance Administration and Ministry of Health and Social Welfare because the government release all citizens' health information for the third party without any inform consent or any authoring by law.

TAHR also work on the Taiwan Transparency Report, which is a report on online freedom, privacy and government surveillance from civil society perspective.