Dr. Nibal Idlebi is the chief of Innovation Section at ESCWA and a senior expert in Knowledge Society and Technology for Development. She joined ESCWA in 2004, and she has extensive knowledge in technology policies and strategies, building Information Society and Knowledge Based-Economy, ICT applications and e-services especially e-government. Currently, she is leading two regional initiatives, the first is on Innovation Policy for inclusive sustainable development, and the second on Open Government for increasing transparency, efficiency, participation and engagement. She also led a number of regional initiatives for developing knowledge society in the Arab region such as “Regional Profiling of Information Society in the Arab Region”, “Harmonization of Cyber Legislation for building Knowledge Society in the Arab region” and “Promoting Digital Arabic Content for the creation of Job Opportunities”. Ms. Idlebi manages and supervises research and development activities at ESCWA, and she leads the preparation of reports and publications, organization of regional conferences, meetings and workshops; and she provides advisory services to ESCWA member countries on Innovation and ICT policies and strategies, enabling environment of Information Society, Innovation and digital Arabic content. Before joining ESCWA, Dr. Idlebi was the Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Communications and Technology (MCT) in Syria. During that period she supervised Information and Communication Technology activities at national and international levels. She also worked at the Higher Institute of Applied Science & Technology (HIAST) in Damascus for more than 8 years as a lecturer and researcher. Ms. Nibal Idlebi has an engineering degree from “Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (Supelec)” in France, and a Ph.D in computer science from Nancy 1 University in France.