Over 7years I have served in various governmental and non-governmental organizations analyzing and developing complex institutional policies and strategy, promoting Development and advocating for transparency and accountability as well as promoting policies that advance international cooperation for effective democratic governance and economic development in Africa. My main area of expertise includes political theory, international cooperation, advocating for transparency and accountability, expert analysis on development policy as well as facilitate and strengthen public-private dialogue to promote inclusive policy-making. My current work focuses on high-quality international, innovative and interdisciplinary research on global governance and offers innovative policy advice and solutions to policy-makers on global public policy issues. In addition i undertake policy advocacy and expert analysis on policy and governance challenges with focused on inclusive growth, poverty reduction, government accountability, business integrity, national competitiveness, innovation, and public sector reforms as well as providing analysis ,policy advice and practical policy recommendations on issues of governance and development to sustained economic growth and social development in Africa. Other competences and experiences include: strengthening capacity of civil society to foster development, building bridges between government and citizens and Designing capacity building programs to enhance skills and effectiveness of those involved in political and public towards sustainable development Knowledge of policy research in governance and policy analysis to deepen theory, advance knowledge and improve practice, excellent interpersonal and communication skills with strong analytical, research and solid project management skills with ability to provide clear advice on policy issues and sound judgment and problem-solving skills