I have been working for community development and community electrification since more than 15 decades. I am committed towards community development through participatory approach also the founder chairman of National Association of Community Electricity Users-Nepal (NACEUN) (www. naceun.org.np), my aim was to establish and ensure the effective role of communities in rural electrification through users’ advocacy, institutional capacity building and national network building. I am also the chairman and promoter of South Lalitpur Rural Electric Co-operative which is first this kind in Nepal. This coop is successfully participating and to promote access to electricity to 4600 rural households in South Lalitpur since 10 years. I worked in the capacity of Community Development/Training Officer in Lutheran World Service since 1990 to 1998 in women’s development project. I worked as local Multi Development worker and Village Development Committee Secretary since 1983 to 1990 under ministry of local development, Gov/ N. My expertise is to identifying the issues in rural electrification and addressing them in strategic way. I have done leadership to promote the participation and democratization of rural electrification and create community rural electrification policy in Nepal. I have published book “community participation in rural electrification in Nepal” and numerous of articles in daily newspapers in Nepali. I have key skill/ capacity to advocacy to policy influence and demonstrate ability to establish trust among people.