Currently a Director under the Performance and Project Management Office of the Office of the Cabinet Secretary specifically looking into the Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation as well as Disaster Risk and Reduction Cluster. Joyce Barafon graduated at the International Institute of Social Studies of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam for her Master of Arts in Development Studies with Governance, Policy and Political Economy as a major and Local Development Strategies as field specialisation. Her working thesis discussed the idea of inducing Participatory Governance as an inherent function of the State while highlighting the important role of the non-state actors in the governance triangle specifically focusing on the Solid Waste Management sector for a city in the Philippines. Joyce later joined a conservation NGO as a program manager working with the fisheries sector of local communities towards sustainable fishing through pride campaign strategy for behaviour change in the community. Prior to her current position, Joyce was also local coordinator of the Local Governance Support Program for Local Economic Development (LGSP-LED) of the Canadian Urban Institute, focusing on Integrated Area Development Approach in one of the provinces in the Philippines, likewise, Joyce was also a program coordinator for a local NGO and a learning manager for a world vision project, she was in charge of the education arm for the youth in the local communities as facilitator for values formation program. Her career experiences is a good mix of both local government office and non-government organisations towards sustainable development in the communities.