1. Bookie Monica Kethusegile – President [ since 2014] Contacts: Telephone: +267-3932829 (H) Mobile: +267-72140104/73334722/76141006 Fax: +267-3932829 Email Address: monicakethusegile@gmail.com Education and professional Qualifications 1990 Master of Arts (Mass Communications):University of Leicester, U.K 1980 Secondary Education Diploma (T. Cert), University of Botswana & Swaziland, Botswana Work and professional Experience  Served in senior management positions in the Ministry of Education as Head of Educational Publications Unit of the Department of Curriculum Development and Evaluation; Service Quality Consultant at the Botswana National Productivity Centre (BNPC); Head of Women in Development Southern African Awareness Programme (WIDSAA) at Southern African Research and Documentation Centre (SARDC); Technical Advisor for Gender at the SADC Secretariat; and Assistant Secretary General of the SADC Parliamentary Forum.  Through participation in the development of, and interaction with regional and continental policy instruments, and advocating for their implementation, I have acquired a profound understanding and articulation of women’s empowerment and gender equality/equity issues, as well as issues of democratic governance and regional integration as central to people-centred development and poverty eradication.  Now an Investor, Entrepreneur and Business Woman, I passionately advocate for, and motivate Women of Africa to participate in the economic development of their countries and of the continent. I am also a passionate philanthropist supporting less privileged sectors of society, with a positive bias towards women and potential women investors  1986 Founder, Manager and Sole Director of Maunatlala Restaurant (Pty) Ltd (Current – Retail Licensed)  2003 Shareholder & Director of Collegium Educational Publishing (Pty) Ltd - (To date)  2010 Founder and Group Managing Director of B-WOM Holdings Inc (Pty) Ltd, consortium of companies involved in investment in various sectors including property; construction; commercial farming; Import/Export; and retail activities (Current).  2012 Appointed First Chairperson of the National NGOs Council of Botswana (NGOC) – (To date)  2014 Founding President of Mosadi Khumo Socio-Economic Empowerment Forum for Women (SEEFFoW)  2016 Appointed Member of the National Steering Committee for the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  2016 Appointed one of 16 Commissioners in the National Gender Commission (September) My career and business path has allowed me to accumulate a wealth of skills including  Research, development and implementation of strategic plans and programmes with strong leadership and team motivation and development skills.  Communication and interpersonal skills strengthened through, and with, every level of staff, government and corporate ranks.  Experienced trainer and motivational speaker, my mentorship, leadership and ability to resolve disputes are exceptionally strong and have been an asset in every role I have played.  As a strong business woman supporting entrepreneurs and focusing on the growth of women in business, my passion for investment has developed my ability to review opportunities and invest in growth and impact driven projects, sharing this knowledge through mentorship and training has been exceptionally rewarding.  Ability to deliver, persevere, fight and emerge victorious within strong politically driven roles and experiences, has strengthened and developed my skills for negotiation, understanding and working within policy frameworks and protocol sensitive structures.  Strong leadership acumen, resource and project management, and communication attributes; passion for, and experience in investing both in people and business; maturity, growth and development of my skills all translate into developing and implementing projects of various scales and magnitude as well as leading strong teams to deliver exceptional work.