EITI Responsibilities: Africa and Middle East. Oversight for finance, human resources, communications, and the Global conferences.

Work Experience:

Eddie Rich has been Deputy Head of the EITI since the International Secretariat was established in 2007, with special interest in resource governance in Africa and the Middle East. In this role, he has been exposed to some of the most pressing governance issues of our era, and has attempted to resolve them through structured cooperation between governments, civil societies and companies, despite high stakes and competing agendas.

This experience has led him and his colleague, Jonas Moberg, to develop an approach to collective governance that challenges conventional wisdom and is summarised in a book, Beyond Governments: Making Collective Governance Work - Lessons from the EITI. It isn’t difficult to think of intractable global problems that require collective solutions, from poverty and inequality to climate change, but examples of effective collective governance are rare in practice.

Overall, Eddie has worked in development for over 20 years. In 1996-98 he was the DFID representative to Angola. In charge of a medium sized-aid programme, it soon became clear to him that the development debate needed to move well beyond aid. This was reinforced when he was part of the small team working on the UK Government's ground breaking White Paper on International Development ‘Making Globalisation Working for the Poor'. The paper advocated a more coherent approach to international development policy highlighting issues of trade, governance, security, codes and standards, finance, and the environment. He also co-authored a background study for this on poor performing states. He was Head of DFID's Corporate Social Responsibility team when the nascent Publish What You Pay coalition came to DFID with an idea for a transparency initiative in the extractive sector in 2001. He continued to work on the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in those infant times until 2004 when he moved to Kenya as Deputy Head of DFID Kenya. When Kenya started exploring for deep sea oil in 2006/7, he was thrown back into the EITI debate. Since 2007, Eddie has been the Deputy Head of the EITI International Secretariat where he has lead on Africa and the Middle East as well as oversight for finance, human resources, communications, and the Global Conferences.