Dr. Tanja Aitamurto is a postdoctoral scholar at the School of Engineering at Stanford. She examines how civic technologies impact human behavior and society. Her work has been published in several academic journals, such New Media and Society. Tanja is the author of Crowdsourcing for Democracy: New Era in Policy-Making. She has lead the design and implementation of the Finnish Experiments, pioneering cases in crowdsourcing policymaking. She advises and studies Open Government projects in several countries, the projects including topics such as participatory budgeting and crowdsourced legislation. In her latest work, she uses Artificial Intelligence tools for examining the impact of crowdsourcing on policymaking. Her work has received several awards, and she has attended meetings and given talks about her research at the White House, the Wikimedia Foundation, OECD, the Council of Europe and in several Parliaments and Governments, including those of Canada, Austria and Finland. More about Tanja's work at www.tanjaaitamurto.com