I am a student of International Relations and have been working in Media Advocacy Group (MAG) for a little over 1 and half years. I have participated in different national workshops, trainings and seminars relating to different facets of the state which have been very insightful in understanding the present context of Nepal. Furthermore, I was a media monitoring officer which included analyzing 13 daily newspapers which further helped enhance my knowledge. I have been actively involved in the program "Advocacy and Coordination on the sustainable liberation of Haruwa Charuwa" since January 2015 which focuses on liberation of bonded labors in the Terai belt of Nepal. Their Right to know and fend for themselves is our utmost priority at the moment for which we have constantly coordinated with respective government agencies from local government to the Land Reform Ministry, Finance ministry and even to the Home Ministry. However, due to unavailability of local governing bodies it makes it impeccably hard to smoothly transition to the aimed goals. I was also actively involved in the CEDAW's shadow report as a writer on the issue of "Importance of RTI for Women in Nepal". Nonetheless, as the youth and an educated citizen of today, I want to have a prominent role in state mechanism whereby I can exercise my rights as well as my responsibilities actively.