Mihai Lisetchi, a senior fellow in philanthropy with Johns Hopkins University, Institute for Policy Studies (Baltimore, USA), has an extensive experience in the development of NGOs (their management and governance) and in participatory democracy, with background in consultative approaches to NGO impact and community integration. He acts as a consultant and trainer. He acted as the national coordinator of a project developing the code of conduct of the Romanian NGOs. Another project concerns designing a coherent governmental public policy on civil society organizations in Romania. His PhD thesis was on social innovation in the management of the social enterprise.
He is the founder of the Agency for the Information and Development of NGOs (AID-ONG), presently acting as Executive Director and Consultant. The Agency aims to increase the capacity of the NGO‟s to solve community problems. Between 1998 and 2000, he was a member of the Prime Minister‟s Consultative Council on NGO‟s. He is a member of the Coordination Committee of the Romanian NGO Forum. As a Secretary of State with the Romanian Ministry for Public Consultation and Civic Dialogue, he was in charge with developing the public consultation process within public administration and the implementation of the OGP in Romania (in cooperation with Radu Puchiu, the National Contact Point).