Leah C. Estrada holds a Master of Business Administration from Chapman Business School of Florida International University. Leah has 15 years of professional experience, having worked internationally with more than 30 countries through Latin America, Middle East and the UK. Her most recent experience includes leading the UK’s government ambitious agenda of embedding the principles of a rules based international economic system in Latin America. As former Head of Open Economies for Latin America (2013-2016) she worked closely with governments and civil society facilitating international technical cooperation to improve governance and strengthen institutions; she engaged on rules compliance, representing the UK’s rules based programme with a focus on open government, transparency, anti-bribery and competition policy. Today she is the Executive Director of MOVIN Civil Society Organization in Panama. MOVIN focuses on tackling corruption, promoting citizen participation, transparency and integrity. Leah also funded her own consultancy firm, PPL Advisors, which is on contract with the British Embassy in Panama, to lead on rules based projects on transparency and citizen participation matters.