Dumisani Mthalane 

45 MacLeroy Road, Northern Park, Pietermaritzburg, 3200 E-mail: dmthalani@gmail.com Cell: +27 (0) 79 764 7257

Profile: Experience in management, evaluation and knowledge management, monitoring and evaluation, and capacity building; Conversant with various policy positions not limited to Health (HIV/AIDS), National Health Insurance, Public Works Programme, Land Issues, Rural Development, Basic Education, etc. Good leadership qualities and SANCO coordinator in the National Economic Development and Labour Council’s Community Constituency. Overall Convenor of the Community Constituency at Nedlac; Good analytical skills and knowledge in planning; strong financial accounting and management background; credit controller for over 10 years; credit and branch manager of a large of a large furniture outlet in the Pietermaritzburg Region and developed a close working relationship with various government structures, municipalities and corporates.

Work experience:

1) Overall Convenor - Nedlac Community Constituency

The Nedlac Community Constituency consists of 6 sectors and these are: Disabled People of South Africa, Women’s National Coalition, Financial Sector Coalition Campaign, South African National Apex Cooperative, South African National Civics Organisations and South African Youth Council. I give the overall direction and management of the constituency’s participation on policy issues within the National Economic Development and Labour Council structures.

2) SANCO Coordinator – Nedlac Community Constituency

I am the spokesperson for South Africa National Civic Organisation (SANCO) and was appointed to coordinate SANCO participation at Nedlac level. One of my duties was to appoint SANCO reps to various structures of Nedlac when requested. This meant that I had to view the capabilities of reps to deal with policy negotiations at Nedlac.

3) Board Member of the African Peer Review Mechanism (South Africa)

The African Peer Review Mechanism is a mutually agreed programme, voluntarily adopted by the member states of the African Union, to promote and re-enforce high standards of governance. The peer review mechanism is a self-monitoring mechanism. APRM's mandate is to ensure that the policies and practices of participating countries conform to the agreed values in the following four focus areas: democracy and political governance, economic governance, corporate governance and socio-economic development. As part of the APRM there are periodic reviews of the participating countries to assess progress being made towards achieving the mutually agreed goals.

In South Africa, I am part of the team from civil society involved in the peer-reviewing process.

4) Member of the National Health Insurance (NHI) Task Team: Team

The National Economic Development and Labour Council established the NHI Task Team and that was done under the aegis of the Nedlac Management Committee. I led the SANCO delegation which participated in the NHI policy deliberations at Nedlac.

5) Member of the HIV / AIDS and the World of Work Task Team: Nedlac’s Market Chamber (Department of Labour; Employment Equity Act, NO. 55 of 1998)

The task team looked at the Revised South African Code of Good Practice on HIV / AIDS in the World of Work. Among other issues; the code considered equal access to prevention, treatment, care and support services in relation to HIV, AIDS and TB. The code further looked at issues of discrimination against workers, their families or dependents to access social security systems, insurance schemes or other employment related benefits. Programmes of care and support should include measures of reasonable accommodation in the workplace of persons living with HIV or HIV related illness.

6) Member of the Presidential Working Group on the Global Economic Crisis

The Presidential working group on the Global Economic Crises dealt / drafted and recommended the South Africa’s response package to the effects of the global economic crises to the South African economic context.

7) Member of the Presidential Working Group on Electricity

The presidential working group on electricity dealt with the power situation that gripped South Africa. I was part of the team that made assessments and recommendations on how South Africa should deal and respond to the crisis.

8) Member of National Skills Authority Board (Department of Labour)

NSA deals on the national skills development policy and the National Skills Development Strategy, reports to the Minister in the prescribed manner on the progress made in the implementation of the National Skills Development Strategy and conduct investigations on any matter arising out of the application of the Act.

9) Board Member of Local Government Sector Education Training Authority

Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) deal with the national skills development policy and the National Skills Development Strategy. This is done in conjunction with the National Skills Authority.

10) Nedlac Development Chamber Convenor (Nedlac)

Led the SANCO delegation in the Nedlac Development Chamber, drove the Community Constituency position on policy issues that affect it within the Development Chamber work programme. I held this position till I was moved to a higher one: Overall Convenor of the Community Constituency at Nedlac.

11) Community Involvement

I was been involved in the ANC since early 1970s and contributed towards the freedom of South Africa. He has been the past president of the South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) in the Midlands Region of KwaZulu-Natal Province. I served as a National Working Committee member of Social and Economic Development in South Africa. An executive member of the National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac) and as such works closely with the government bodies that take decisions relating to the economy of the country. In 2000, I was a councillor in the UMgungundlovu District Municipality Committee.