As a Data Scientist, I sit in the intersection of Domain Knowledge, Computational Skills and Analytics.

As my focus is in open data, I have dedicated my time on understanding how publishing data works, working closely with governments in the national, state and municipal level, by accompanying opening data cycles and evaluating the quality of them. From grassroots experiments, developing a Demilitarized zone in my city to share data on violence and see its quality without worrying about personal data sharing; To evaluating Mexico's Open Data Barometer Status for 2015.

I terms of coding, I have been part of the dev team of several multinational examples, such as the Como Vamos platform for data reporting in Colombia, Respira Ciudad project with Data.UY, and Climate Change Financial Sources for México with Transparencia Mexicana, In both senses applying standarization and data processing to communicate the data in the best way possible.

In terms of community, I dedicate my time on building a Civic Tech Community with Codeando México, where people can meet and power up their projects with technology or to find something good to get better at their skills and help the city in the process. You can visit our site on