Munir Podumljak has an extensive professional experience (20+ years’) of working in the civil sector as a manager, trainer and consultant on the topics of anti-corruption, policy analysis, advocacy, general and project management, strategic analysis and planning, public outreach and public relations, organisational assessment, integrity assessment and institution building. Munir has 12+ years of experience in research and development of public procurement standards in EU and SE Europe. He designed IT tools for monitoring of the public procurement processes including management of contracts and framework agreements as well as monitoring of the integrity of the procurement cycle. Munir has, as well, developed the methodology and IT tool for comprehensive corruption risk assessment in public procurement at the local level (developed in 2016, Croatian Copyright Agency: Deposit Certificate Reference No. 80/2016). He is a key researcher in the EU funded FP7 project ANTICORRP, one of the largest scientific social research projects in the world at this time, working on the subjects of corruption in EU funds; corruption in public procurement; and links between organized crime and corruption. Additionally, Munir acts as a Local Research Correspondent for Croatia within the project LRCC-TAS; commissioned by DG Home Affairs of the EC, implemented by PricewaterhouseCoopers; 2012-2016 (DG Home EU Anti-Corruption report/Croatia). Munir is regarded as one of the most relevant individuals in the field of public procurement and participated as speaker at numerous conferences, some of which are: 1) The fourth Experience Sharing Workshop „Preventing corruption in public procurement at the local and regional level“ held in Athens on February 25, 2016. The workshop was organised by DG Migration & Home Affairs (HOME). 2) The 4th Annual Conference on Public Procurement "Smart Public Procurement: new frontiers for public procurement", held in Prague on June 15, 2015. The Conference was organized by European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (GROW G4 – Innovative and e-procurement unit). 3) Regional Conference „Corruption Risk Assessment, Public Procurement, and Open Contracting in South Easter Europe“, held in Istanbul during May 26 and 27, 2015. Regional conference was jointy organized by UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub, UNDP Kosovo, Regional Cooperation Office and Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative. Finally, he is an author and founder of the following monitoring tools and monitoring information systems: 1) Public procurement database, (developed in 2012, Croatian Copyright Agency: Deposit Certificate Reference No. 75/2016 (extended in April, 2016)). This database has already been awarded among best practices in EU by the 2014 EU Anti-Corruption Report (issued by DG Home); 2) Integrity self-assessment tool (developed in 2012, Croatian Copyright Agency: Deposit Certificate Reference No. 76/2016 (extended in April, 2016)); 3) concept (developed in 2014, Croatian Copyright Agency: Deposit Certificate Reference No. 77/2016 (extended in April, 2016)); and 4) Media Clientelism Index (the first cross-country comparative and country-specific index on the state of media clientelism and politicisation based on empirical data).