For just under a decade, Tahmina Rahman has conducted human rights projects on freedom of expression and access to information, advocating for the protection of journalists, and social media communicators. Active in the promotion of women’s rights, Ms Rahman has also been a driving force against discrimination and gender-based censorship in the Bangladeshi media.

As the Regional Director for ARTICLE 19 Bangladesh and South Asia, Ms. Rahman has advocated for media reforms and has represented civil society organisations as a member in various National Committees of the Government. She leads ARTICLE 19’s flag-ship annual country reports on FoE in Bangladesh and at the UN has highlighted challenges to FoE in Bangladesh through the UPR submissions. Her work includes promoting tolerance within the framework of Rabat Plan of Action in Bangladesh.

After the grotesque attacks on individual bloggers in Bangladesh in 2015 -2016, Ms. Rahman has been particularly active in providing support to communicators under threat. She led orientations and training for hundreds of social media communicators on the “Right to Blog” and her work during this period also included the creation of an ARTICLE 19 12-point Charter of Rights for the protection of online expression in Bangladesh.