Milena Banovic from October 2011 - present The Office for Cooperation with the Civil Society Government of The Republic of Serbia, Head of Department for Planning and Creating Enabling Environment for the Development of Civil Society

Main activities and responsibilities:
1) Coordinating and guiding the establishment of an ongoing dialogue between the state institutions and civil society organisations in matters of general and mutual interest; 2) Coordinating and contributing to the Office’s numerous initiatives for changes in regulations and other general legal instruments governing the status of associations and other civil society organizations (CSOs) 3) Active participation in numerous across-the-sectors working groups, councils, etc. for the creation of national and local strategic and legal documents. Contributing in drafting strategic documents and legislation with the aim of creating enabling environment for development civil society organisations. 4) Transparent financing of CSOs activities: - Participation in creating legislation for financing of COSs from butget, - Introduced and organised the process of annual data collection and reporting on the use of budget expenditures for the civil society organisations, - Assisting and guiding the public administration bodies in the development of Calls for Proposals and the related documentation, -- Conducting trainings for public servants on regulations for financing CSO’s , 8) Acting as a liaison person and maintaining effective communication with relevant stakeholders - civil society organizations, national and local government officials, regional partners and networks, international organizations, professional associations, etc.