Peter Tyndall was appointed as Ombudsman and Information Commissioner for Ireland in December 2013. He is committed to delivering redress to people who have suffered an injustice as a consequence of failure by a public body. He has worked to modernise the Office, streamline processes and to seek resolution to disputes short of investigation where this is appropriate. He launched the first own-initiative investigation by the Office into the way complaints are dealt with in public hospitals and has taken new areas into jurisdiction including private nursing homes. He has developed a model Complaints Policy for use across the public sector, and is introducing a new pan public service complaints portal. He has promoted improvements to public services through learning from complaints in part through the introduction of the Ombudsman's Casebook. He has engaged in a programme of outreach designed to ensure that potential complainants are aware of the possibility of bringing their complaints to him.

Originally from Dublin, Peter previously served as Public Services Ombudsman for Wales. He was formerly Chief Executive of the Arts Council of Wales, Head of Education and Culture for the Welsh Local Government Association and worked in a variety of senior positions in housing and social care, most notably in developing housing and support services for people with intellectual disabilities.

Peter is currently 2nd Vice Chair of the International Ombudsman Institute having been President of the European region and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Ombudsman Association.