Vukosava Crnjanski Sabovic is a founder and director of the NGO CRTA – Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability from Serbia. Vukosava manages CRTA work that focuses on the establishment of mechanisms and ICT tools for citizens’ engagement in public officials’ and institutions’ accountability advocacy and accountability monitoring.

Vukosava established CRTA’s most prominent project - Truth-o-Meter that evaluates politicians’ and public officials’ statements and pledges for their truthfulness and consistency, and provides citizens with an online access to accountability records of their elected representatives. She has been very successful in managing and mainstreaming CRTA’s initiatives aimed at empowering citizens to participate in political processes and demand accountability from their representatives through the use of CRTA’s online mechanisms and tools (Truth-o-Meter, Open Parliament, Map the Money and Our Money, Our Concern). As a result of Vukosava’s effective leadership of the Open Parliament initiative, the partnership with the Serbian Parliament materialized in irreversible institutional changes, reflected in higher parliamentary openness and accountability in Serbia. Her work on public education about accountability in decision making and providing the public with relevant information includes efforts on opening up the public data, as well as the information about parliamentary work and public finances. Vukosava received the international recognition for innovation, commitment and contribution to democracy through the W. Averell Harriman Democracy Award, awarded by the National Democratic Institute in 2013.