János Bertók, Head of Division, Public Governance and territorial, Development Directorate, Public Sector Integrity, OECD.

János Bertók, Head of the Public Sector Integrity Division, has been leading OECD activities for promoting integrity and preventing corruption in the public sector. He also coordinates the OECD-wide CleanGovBiz horizontal initiative. The OECD helps policy makers and practitioners build sound integrity framework by reviewing and reforming governance measures in particular in areas vulnerable to corruption such as public procurement, conflict of interest, revolving door, lobbying and political financing. The OECD is in the forefront of providing comparative data, map out good practices and develop policy guidelines, principles, as well as practical tools for policy makers and managers. The groundbreaking work of the OECD includes four integrity instruments: the 2015 Recommendation on Public Procurement; the 2010 Recommendation on Principles for Transparency and Integrity in Lobbying, the 2003 Recommendation on Guidelines for Managing Conflict of Interest in the Public Service; and the forthcoming Recommendation on Public Integrity to update the 1998 Recommendation on Improving Ethical Conduct in the Public Service. The OECD also supports the G20 efforts, in particular with good practice reports and developing several G20 Principles on Whistleblowers Protection, Asset Disclosures, Public Procurement, Open Data and Solicitation Payments.

Before joining the OECD in 1997, Mr. Bertók was a senior civil servant in the Prime Minister’s Office in Hungary in charge of the modernisation of public administration. His previous career focused on creating new legal and institutional frameworks for the civil service in the transition period.