The first step of her participation on democracy is the sunflower movement in 2014, Dora organized a localize civil organization name Taoyuan Bees, which is aimed at spread the concept and information of Democracy. After that, Dora join Green Party Taiwan, served as a secretary of Taoyuan city branch, later decided to run the local council election of 2014, and legislator election of 2016, as a campaigning manager. In the same time, served as the international secretary, help to organize the conference of APGF(Asia Pacific Greens Federation) on 2015, also represented Taiwan’s Youth branch join the APGF election campaigning workshop in Australia on 2016.

Right now, Dora working in TFGG (Taiwan Friends of Global Greens), an association organization with Green Party Taiwan, as representative on APYGN Board. Trying to get more resource and experience of Green politics back to Taiwan though the network of Global Greens, helping more youth people to involved into political reform movement, also working to achieve effective democracy and protection of human rights.