David Steven is a Senior Fellow and Associate Director at New York University's Center on International Cooperation, where he works on development policy and Agenda 2030. David has published extensively on Agenda 2030, focusing on delivery of the new Sustainable Development Goals and in particular on targets for fostering peaceful, just and inclusive societies. His work includes the recent CIC publication Turning Ambition into Reality – Platforms and Partnerships for Delivering Agenda 2030, and for Save the Children, From Declaration to Delivery: actioning the post-2015 agenda. David served as the Senior Strategic Adviser for the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, helping prepare the partnership for formal launch. He was Director of Research for the Pakistan Task Force on the Next Generation, which published reports on youth and violence, and on young voters and the 2013 election. He is a director of the consultancy River Path Associates and co‐edits Global Dashboard, the foreign policy website globaldashboard.org