Legal & Policy Adviser PhD(c) at the Law School, University of Athens--- Co-writer of Greece's 3rd National Action Plan on Open Government--- Member of the Project Management Team on Open Government of the Ministry of Administrative Reconstruction--- Member of the legislative committee for the framework-law on Open Government in Greece

Working with the Greek Government as a Scientific Adviser in issues dealing with reforms and development in the Public Sector, he has represented Greece at the OECD,Public Governance Committee (2015-2016) and also co-operating with the Structural Reform Support Service of the European Commission on the Administrative Reform Technical Assistance Program in Greece.

Holder of three post-graduate degrees (LLM Public Law & Political Science, MSc Environmental Governance & Sustainable Development, LLM International & European Energy Law).

Main occupation on legal and policy advice, policy design and implementation on public law and policies relating with public administration, sustainable development, human rights, open government, public sector reforms.