Started working in 1972 and she has integrated Public Administration in 1977 She worked at the Finance Ministry and, among other positions, she was Deputy Secretary of State for Public Administration (2009-2010); President of the Agency for Administrative Modernisation (2007-2009); Coordinator at Mission Team and then Member of the Board of Directors of UMIC- Agency for the Knowledge Society (2003-2006); Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance (2001-2003); mission team member and then member of the Board of Directors IGLC-Institute for Management of Citizen Shops (1998-2001). Innovation component in the public sector led projects of great public interest, such as the Citizen Shops 1st generation (technological component), PAC-service branches Citizen (introduced the concept of one-stop-shop in 2000) Portal the Citizen Portal Company, online company creation, Citizen Shops 2nd Generation (eg. Multiservice counter, lost-a-wallet counter, Senior counter), Citizen Card and AP Interoperability Platform, and was responsible for drafting Action Plan for electronic Government in Portugal (2003). International expert was invited OECD / SIGMA for the areas of Administrative Modernization and Innovation (2006-2010). Instructor at the National Institute of Directors-INA (1982-2011), visiting professor in Masters (INDEG-ISCTE, 2005-2011) and member of the Master of the Advisory Council for Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Aveiro (2010-2013). She remained throughout her life an interest and voluntary support, exerting member functions and president of associations that promote the reintegration of citizens in society through inclusion and employability, including as president of the Association “Cais”. In 2009, she received the award Best Leader Award in the category Public Administration.