Tabara Ndiaye is a Program Consultant with the New Field Foundation. Her interests include capacity building among rural women’s associations in the French-speaking regions of West Africa. A teacher by training, Tabara has over twenty years of experience with local women's organizations in Casamance, Senegal, where she spent her childhood. She has close links with the culture and environment of rural women, and understands the challenges they face as well as their prospects for the future. From 1999 to 2005, Tabara was a founding member and in charge of communication for Usoforal, a group that aims to promote solidarity among women to build peace in Casamance. She also ran an educational program for young students on family planning and reproductive health, and equally worked with students on civic action projects to identify a public policy issue in their community, and to enable them to have a say in discussions regarding this policy. Since October 2013, Tabara is a Board member of the Global Fund for Women after having been an Advisor for five years. Apart from her work with the New Field Foundation, she serves as Technical Advisor for West Africa for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.