I get sixteen years of experience on citizen participation, strengthening of social organizations and creation of alliances between public sector, private sector, civil organizations, international cooperation and community. I have worked on the generation of social projects and public policies to specific populations in Colombia, especially youth, Afro Colombian people and victims, centered in active participation to influence public choices that affect them, construction of the public and the generation of assets for peace and coexistence in conflict zones. I have also worked on subjects like citizen culture and the relation with anticorruption.

Actually I work as a consultant for the Transparency Secretariat of Colombia on the coordination of OGP process, focus on advance towards Open State, including Judicial and Legislative branches to this process, as well as regional and local governments; consolidating conditions of collaborative work with social organizations, community, academy, media, international cooperation and private sector.

I have worked as a director (IC) of the citizen participation office of Bogotá, as a consultant in projects for UNPD, the World Bank, European Union and the Government of Bogotá. I worked as leader of “Peace and Development - AF”, a project of Colombian Government and the WB in conflict zones.

I studied Mass Communication and Journalist, I have specialized studies in Government, Management and Public Affairs as well as Public Policies and Development.