As a senior consultant and advisor in program/project management, Ms.Tseng has abundant experiences in sharing the guidelines of the strategic management for businesses, civil society organizations and non-profit or non-government organizations internationally. She had been promoting the political participation and international relations in Taiwan and the community development in the US. She also has followed and involved citizen participation issue and promoted Taiwan joining the Open Government Partnership, led by the United States and the other seven countries worldwide. She operated the first authentic citizen participation project for the South Region Water Resources, WRA, MOEA of the central government in Kaohsiung of Taiwan in 2012. Before coming to the US, she also studied and worked in Japan for three years. Receiving two masters’ degrees in International Commercial Policy and Law and Economics from George Mason University in the US, now, she is the doctoral candidate in the program of Doctor in Public Administration at the University of Baltimore and working on the dissertation project regarding citizen participation issues in Taiwan. She is serving the program manager at the Institute for Taiwan-America Studies, the think tank established for advocating US policy toward Taiwan’s economic and national security issues in 2015 in DC. Ms. Tseng is a multi-linguist who speaks English and Japanese fluently and her native languages are Mandarin and Taiwanese.